Adapting to the times

Just a week ago we were hit with the news that the schools were closing and the public were being advised to distance themselves socially. It has been hard and we've had to adapt fast but we are optimistic. We're a new business with the deli opened just 10 months so we're used to adapting to what works, tweaking things and finding solutions to problems. We're going to continue to do it to find what works for our customers and to keep our suppliers supplying.

From the start we've tried our best to ensure that we use as much local produce in our food prep and stock products in our shop produced and crafted by local producers. If we shut up shop totally we're closing off opportunities for our suppliers and for us to keep our business going. We are trying to find solutions to get our produce to you in the safest way possible. At the moment that is to close the shop and deliver in Tramore and the surrounding areas. Currently Dvir is working in the deli alone and I'm at home with our two kids intermittently updating our website, catching up on the mountains of paperwork and making feeble attempts at homeschooling (I'm going with the discovery approach - i.e. whatever they can learn themselves is what they're learning!)

Thank you to our customers who've supported us the past week. We already miss you and we can't wait 'til we can have the chats with you in the deli again!

A few updates on our current offering:

Mother's Day

We have a beautiful range of hampers and gifts in our online shop for the mothers that could probably do with something nice this Sunday! Our hampers and gift are a unique mix of Irish and Middle Eastern products and we have put further emphasis on local products to ensure that our small producers are supported right now.

If you're looking for a feed on the day you could also order the Breakfast platter or Mezze platter. Both feed two people and you can add a few extras to feed a few more if needed. Have a look at our Deli Fresh Foods page in our Online shop for more information.

Everything can be ordered online or over with phone on 0834843310. We are happy to deliver gifts free of charge to mammies in Tramore and Waterford on Sunday morning.

Deli deliveries in Tramore

Dvir is taking orders by phone on 0834843310 or from our online shop each day Tuesday to Saturday. Orders are to be made by 11am and Dvir will deliver between 12 and 2 (we'll let you know when). The food will be left at your front door and you'll get an SMS that it's there. See our current menu below or from our online shop.

Deliveries in Ireland

We are taking orders as usual from our online shop for delivery by courier around Ireland. You can order our goods from our Pantry or Hampers & Gifts sections (bar chilled foods such as cheese, hummus etc). If you've always been waiting for an opportunity to whip up a few Ottlenghi recipes and you currently have the time you can find some of his most used ingredients in our shop like tahini, rose harissa, pomegranate molasses and rose water. Or pick up some of our own goodies like our Salted Tahini Cholocalte Chip Cookies, our Spice blends (product of the year 2019 - McKennas Guide - just sayin'!) or our lavosh flatbreads.

What's next?

We'll be updating our online offering adding new products from our shop on a daily basis. If there's something you're looking for get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

We'll be adding new things to our deli delivery menu from next week so keep an eye out for that.

Finally, we're going to see if we can open the deli again so it's safe for staff and customers. If that's not possible we'll look at additional ways to get our food to you.

I hope you're all keeping safe and well and I can't wait to see you again soon!

Nicola x

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