Friday night fakeaway

When we thought about the idea of the deli we wanted it to be a place where we do fun evening events. Starting this Friday 16th August we'll be opening 6pm to 8pm (or till we run out) with our Friday Night Fakeaway menu (all vegetarian and tasty!) - Spice box €8 @Metalman beer battered cauliflower, spiced latkes (potato cakes), falafel, homemade fries with harrissa and tahini sauce - Side Slaw/Salad €4 - Seaweed fries €4 Our homemade skin-on skinny fries with @TheSeaGardener seaweed seasoning - Falafel box €4/€8 10/25 patties - Meal Deal - €22 2 x Spice box 1 × Side Salad 1 x 750ml juice/drink

We have some seating indoors and outdoors so we're happy for you to eat with us ( maybe with a glass of vino?) or you can take home and enjoy. You can pick up goodies from our retail area too.

We'll have a demo & dine night at the end of the summer and our newsletter will get first dibs on tickets so watch out for that if interested.

Hope to see you soon


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