Spice blend recipes & ideas

A selection of quick & tasty recipes and ideas to add some Middle Eastern warmth to your meals using our newly launched spice blends. Follow the Irish food gurus John and Sally McKenna:

Every lentil soup needs Hawaiij, a Yemeni spice mix. Every egg needs Dukkah. Every kebab needs to be rubbed with Baharat. The three little jars unlock the scents and subtleties of the Middle East like nothing else that you can buy. Inspired and, indeed, inspiring.

I need not say more! :)

Photo: Mezze Spice Blends.

Peanut Dukkah

Dukkah is a glorious Egyptian condiment that can jazz up a every day dish and fill it with flavour. Our peanut dukkah is inspired by Dvir's aunt who was born in Egypt who would whip up kilos of it and give it as a gift to friends and relations.

Grab some crusty sourdough, a good dipping oil and a bowl of dukkah and tuck in or get sprinkling on your favourite foods.

Sprinkle on:

- fried egg

- green salad

- hummus

- goujon breadcrumbs

- labneh/goats cheese

- avocado

Photo: Green salad with dukkah.


Hawai'ij is a Yemen blend of spices which is a go to for rubs and sauces. Our favourite uses for this one is for shakshuka (spiced tomato sauce with poached eggs), mujadarra (rice & lentils dish), red lentil soup and as a rub for chicken skewers or cauliflower. See recipes for shakshuka and mujaddara in our blog.


Baharat is such a great spice blend for its unique flavours but also for the gorgeous smells that fill your kitchen when you cook with it!

We love using this one for roasting veg or chicken. Add some oil, garlic, sea salt and baharat to some root veg or brussels sprouts and they will be completely transformed. Forgo the usual roast chicken and instead give it a rub of baharat, oil, sea salt and crushed garlic. It is so good!!

You can also make wonderful beef or lamb kebabs with baharat. See our blog for our simple recipe.

More recipes coming soon!

If you have new ideas or try any of our own please spread the word. Share with us via Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @mideastmezze.

Happy cooking!

Nicola x

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