Grazing Platter - The New Craze

I'm a bit crap at the whole food photography thing - exhibit A above so I've taken to Instagram and Pinterest to try help a little with my food styling education. And as you know, as owners of a small business we have to do and be everything including photographers and food stylists!

Anyhoo, during my research I came across something wonderous - The Grazing Platter. It's perfect for me - nothing is precise or perfect with loads of different colours, flavours and textures - I was sold! These seem to be the thing for celebrations, whether it's a private birthday picnic for two or a whole grazing table for weddings, in New Zealand and Australia.

It's a great way to eat and you can prep it in advance and put it in the fridge so try one out for your next party or leisurely lunch. And if it's too much for you - we can always do it for you! Contact us about our catering options.

Some tips:

You'll need a big serving platter/board/tray and some bowls/jars of different sizes

Place the bowls and/or cheeses you'll be using on the board first, placing the cheeses towards the front for people to be able to cut them

Next add any other big items like the grapes or breads/lavosh

Then add additional fruits, nibbles (pretzels, nuts) or meats if using

Don't forget spoons for the dips and knives for the cheese.

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