Happy New Year!

No, I haven't gone mad; it's currently Jewish New Year (Rosh ha-Shana) in our home. The usual food for this is apples dipped in honey which like make religious traditions stemmed from seasonal food available and symbolises wishes for a sweet year ahead. Now we're in Ireland, we're missing out on the big celebrations with family in Israel but we'll celebrate in our own way with the the batch of honey from my dad's bees and the first apples we've picked from our tree in the garden.

For those of us who work a lot during the summer season, this time of year does feel like the start of a new year, a season to unwind, spend time with our family and friends and catch up on all the housework we've forgotten for a few months!

And now that we've launched our latest products - our yummy lavosh flatbreads - we feel like we're starting afresh and exploring new possibilites and meeting new people.

We're looking forward to the year ahead and wish all our family, friends and customers a sweet new year and many thanks for your support.

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