We ran this dinner as one of our Friday night dinners recently and have had rave reviews from customers. We're now happy to offer this as an option for catering. This main course is best served with a starter or dessert course.


- aubergine stuffed with baharat spiced beef* and tomatoes - 1 piece (1/2 an aubergine per person)

- bulgar wheat 

- chopped salad 

- garlic yoghurt 

- pine nut & coriander garnish


*we can do a veggie version of this too - just let us know.


The aubergines will need to be finished by baking for 20-30 mins in a pre-heated oven. The bulgar wheat can be eaten cold or reheated in a microwave or in a frying pan with a little water.


The stuffed aubergines and bulgar wheat can be frozen.


To make a full Middle Eastern Feast you can wine, lavosh, olives, dips, extra salads  or a sweet treat box to your order. A full Friday dinner in Dvir's family's house would have starters of dips, breads/crackers, salads and olives, with the main course of a meat dish, grains and more salad. This was usually followed by mint/sage tea and dessert or fresh fruit & salted nuts.


We're happy to adapt the menu to add in your favourites or to dietary requirements. Get in touch with Nicola for more information.


A few things about our catering:

  • Pick up at the deli during opening hours
  • We need a minimum of 3 days for catering orders but best to give us notice to ensure we're stocked up and have time to prepare what you'd like.
  • Orders must be paid for in full 3 days before the event. Orders cancelled within a week of the event will not be refunded as we will have purchased and started preparations for the order. Otherwise we're happy to refund in full unless otherwise stated
  • Some menu items may change depending on vegetables in season and products in stock
  • Minimum order of 8 people needed for this menu





Stuffed Aubergine main course menu - catering

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