Feeds 4 for lunch or dinner or can be split up for meals over a few days. All food will keep for 3 days or more in the fridge.



- hummus tub - approx 250g 

- jajik - yoghurt and dill dip - approx 250g

- dip of the week - approx 120g

- zhug jar - approx 120g

- cabbage and poppyseed salad - approx 200g

- Moroccan carrot salad - approx 200g

- salad of the week - approx 200g

- falafel patties - 25

- marinated mixed olives

- pita pack (frozen) - 5

- Carters Real Lemonade - 750ml

- sweet treat of the week x 4 e.g. baklava bite, mini brownie or biscuit


Pick up at deli only.


If you're eating at home warm the pitas in the oven for 5 minutes or in yourtoaster. If you're taking as a picnic let us know and we'll prep the pita breads for you.

Mezze platter - aka the works!