This kit includes a DEHYDRATED mother scoby rather than a live fresh scoby.  The scoby will need to be activated BEFORE you can begin brewing.

Kit Includes:

  • Dehydrated Kombucha Mother scoby  
  • Full brewing instructions plus access to Happy Kombucha online support and app


What else is needed:

Tea  - any good green, black or white tea can be used,

Glass jar to brew in (needs to be at least 1.5L) - let us know how if you need one

Vinegar - distilled white vinegar as the most reliable vinegar to use for making the activation batch of kombucha. Avoid apple cider vinegar or other types of vinegar, which may not be acidic enough to protect your SCOBY during rehydration

Large pan or container to brew the sweet tea in,

Bottles to store the finnished kombucha in


Kombucha Starter Kit