Friday dinner in Israel is the equivalent to the Irish Sunday dinner. The end of the week is marked by a Middle Eastern feast and extras are always made for eating the following days. The meal below would be served as the main course with a starter course of mezze; dips, salads and challah bread. The meal in Dvir's family's house usually ends with mint tea and nuts or fruit.


This week's Friday dinner box contains:


- green olives and French beans in a mildy spiced tomato sauce - vegan*


Served with:

- vermicelli rice- in 500ml tub

- chopped salad - in 500ml tub

- garlic yoghurt - in 250ml tub

- crunchy vermicelli & parsley garnish


French beans from The Grove, Ballinamona, Co. Waterford


This serves 4 people with a starter or 3-4 people without. Includes instructions to heat at home.


*The yoghurt dip contains milk. We can replace the yoghurt with tahini sauce if you'd like.


For pick up on Friday at the deli only.



Friday Dinner - French beans with Green Olives (vegetarian)

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