About Mezze

Our Mission

To bring the flavours, colours & vibrancy of the Middle East to people's tables.

Our Values

We like to keep things simple; just great ingredients in their most natural form with as many local ingredients as we can.

Our Story

Nicola, born and raised in Waterford, met Dvir, born in Israel raised by Egyptian/Kurdish parents, backpacking around the world. Nicola packed her backpack again to live in Israel and quickly became accustomed to the vibrancy of the region’s food and adopted this as the food for her own family.

Once they moved to Ireland they realised that Irish people were demanding more from their food and were looking for wholesome food which is full of flavour – and so Mezze was born.

What people are saying


McKennas' Guides Review

“The reason for their rapid success is simple: authentic recipes, authentic flavours, authentic textures and tastes. Mezze put the magic of mezze at everyone’s fingertips".


"I was hugely entertained by Nicola and Dvir of Mezze,  and their demonstration of 'Middle East & North African Made Easy'. ..... their food is top notch.....  Quality ingredients knowledgeably prepared. Then their enthusiasm and love for Israeli food, and each other, shone through".


Gianni Alen-Buckley - Blackwater Valley Opera Festival

"Your picnics this year were a great success with our audience; your delivery and presentation great and you were a dream to work with".