June 9, 2020

We celebrated our first birthday of Mezze deli on Main Street Tramore on Saturday  6th of June. Our Middle Eastern food deli has had a fantastic year, and although times have changed with the coronavirus pandemic, we are optimistic about the future and enthusiastic as ever about what we do!

For those of you who don't know our story; Mezze was set up by me (Nicola) and my husband Dvir. We're an Irish/Israeli couple who has been living in Tramore for four...

April 17, 2020

Last Friday we cooked up this easy family favourite and demo'ed it on Facebook. You can still watch the video if you go to our Facebook page.

We'll be doing another demo this evening (Friday) at 8pm. We'll be making some dips, drinks and nibbles which are perfect for enjoying in front of the telly or other night-in activities.

We'll be making labneh with za'atar and mashweya (aubergine and tomato dip) with some of our lavosh flatbreads and our favourite nibbl...

April 4, 2020

Thank you for those of you who cooked along with us for the last two Fridays. We've got such a kick out of seeing you cook our food. We have always enjoyed cooking for people, sharing recipes and talking about food - it's the reason we started Mezze 4 and a half years ago. Now that we are cooking and chatting less these days we thought cooking together with you would be good fun for us, good fun for you and give you a few new tasty things to cook at home.


March 19, 2020

Just a week ago we were hit with the news that the schools were closing and the public were being advised to distance themselves socially. It has been hard and we've had to adapt fast but we are optimistic. We're a new business with the deli opened just 10 months so we're used to adapting to what works, tweaking things and finding solutions to problems. We're going to continue to do it to find what works for our customers and to keep our suppliers supplying...

February 13, 2020

Roses seem to be the traditional flower for Valentine's; they are such a beautiful flower but as I'm all about the food - I prefer to eat them! Using rosewater and rose petals was something very new for me (other than a Turkish delight bar as a child) when I started cooking Middle Eastern food. I love the flavour it brings to both sweet and savoury food. Check out our favourite rosewater recipes below.

A few updates before we get to that:

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